ant has been providing Broadband Internet Services to users in Rural and Remote locations across Australia & New Zealand. In fact we are located in country Australia where the only Broadband Internet Service is Satellite. We operate our business on Satellite Broadband Internet, so we understand your needs.

We originally launched our services to provide an affordable Portable Satellite Communication Service to current and future populations of “Nomads’’ who live on the road permanently or are traveling for work and/or pleasure in motor-homes, caravans and other forms of transportable housing.
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NBN satellite broadband

Because of our value for money and superior customer service existing Satellite Broadband Internet customers chose ant to continue to provide their Internet services. [click here to read customer testimonials] As a result we are pleased to announce that ant has been selected as one of the select few of approved NBN Co Retail Service Providers for Satellite Broadband Internet.
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NBN satellite offers metro comparable plans no matter where you live.

NBN Co was created on 9 August, 2009 to develop a wholesale product to deliver Australia's first national wholesale-only, open access broadband network to all Australians, regardless of where they live.

ant is also pleased to announce the addition of Remote Telemetry Data acquisition and transmission equipment to their range of satellite products. It is now possible to collect data and/or photographs from almost anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. A completely stand-alone solution, using geo-stationary satellite technology.
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ANT is pleased to announce we now offer ADSL Broadband Internet Services.

Whether you need fast, secure affordable Broadband Internet for business, education or entertainment, whether you are travelling, operating a business, or at home, ant can provide the solution to meet your needs.

Contact us on 1300 886 230 where one of our staff can assist you or follow one of the links above for more information and download an application form.

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